Frequently Asked Questions

What are the doors made of?

All framing is a durable powder-coated aluminum, all plastic parts are injection-molded and UV protected, the screen is fiberglass mesh and all internal parts are aluminum. (See Our Products page for more details)

Do the doors work with dogs and cats?

Hill Country Retractable Screen Doors are very durable and resilient to pets and the possibility of them running into and through the door. Most pets learn quickly that there is a new screen in place and typically stay away once they are introduced to it.

How long does it take to get my door installed?

From your first phone call to installation, it takes about 1-2 weeks. When you call, we can give you an instant price quote over the phone and set up an appointment. When a technician comes to your home, he or she will show you how the retractable screen door will fit in your doorway, show you different colored frames, and if you decide to move forward, he or she is prepared to install it while they are there. This makes for an easy, one appointment visit.

What if my door is not a standard size?

One of the benefits of choosing Hill Country Retractable Screen Doors is that we inventory oversized doors so that we can custom cut and fit each piece on site to fit your doorway. Every door we install is completely custom to each doorway, and we rarely have come across a doorway that we cannot install our retractable screen door system on.

What if I need a service call?

Our priority is that you will have a fully functional screen door at all times. If by chance this is not the case, we strive to be quick to resolve any issues. To make a service call, simply just contact our office and we will prioritize sending out one of our technicians to promptly repair any issue. Depending on the type of repair, there may be a service fee.

Can I purchase the doors directly from you and do my own installation?

Unfortunately, Hill Country Retractable Screen Doors can only guarantee/warranty the doors if we install them ourselves. That being said, we do not sell our doors without installation by one of our skilled technicians.

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